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DNR , founded by Mickey K and Artan Telqiu is a collaborative creation of music minds dedicated in turning their own original, unique and soulful ideas into work of art. This indie label tends to reach the public by creating a somewhat different sound, leaning away from the monotonic elements by adding flavor and color to the final product. Built upon music experience the label offers consistent quality. Its structure is based on what is true in the world of art…Passion. Thru this passion, Producers/Djs, of whom this label consists of, being in the industry for a decade and going thru the hardship and reality of life by always being true to music, have found a steady inspiration to artistically create. Our dedication to make things right is our fuel to make things happen. Deep House is what resides in our roots but we might deviate from time to time, traveling thru the evolution of music and the varieties it has to offer, digging thru the archives stamped in our heads, and developing that into a house track that we all could love.

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